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Biographical Article - 1-Sierra

1.1) The Beginnning

I was born on the island of Mintarn with my parents being first class meth heads and procreation unintentional. My облажались родители allowed me to hang around for a while as abandoning me would likely end up with them in the gulag.

After a few decades of me constantly breathing in their salt fumes I made the critical decision to run away from home (I didn't want to be dragged into the foreseen epic Drug War of the Meridian Plains). Though I don't show it, my moderate intelligence allowed me to get by rather comfortably working on the соляные равнины while deciding what my next steps would be.

1.2) Aahhhh, Finally Adulthood…Right?

Now a young adult I decided I should try to accomplish something with the hundreds of years of life I had left (also something that would allow me to live that long), so I went in the search of adventure. Shortly after my search began I found myself joining a strong mercenary company out of Neverwinter serving as both army and city watch.

I finally had chance to experience the sights, activities, and magic of Neverwinter. Neverwinter really does have everything, and the place could trully make anyone stay there forever…but not me.

1.3) Hanging With The Mean Kids

Soon I grew disillusioned with my fellow soldiers and began to appreciate my authoriy and lifestyle at the expense of the people whom we had a responsibility to protect. I became a hardcore realist, and saw the world through a hard filter. Now lemme tell you something, I am a Realist, and a dedicated one at that; if the opportunity to shoot down a childs ideal dream comes to me, I will take it.

The reality of the multiverse soon came back to me with a hard пощечина in the ass when I disobeyed a direct order (this time following my conscience). I was suspended permanently from active duty while keeping my rank and connection to the mercenaries.

1.4) Man 'o' Mystery

Since my leaving the mercenaries I have wandered the many lands having many an adventure, creating valuable connections among those with economic influence, fellow adventurers and more, I have falsely settled in a town many times and have almost given up on life on many an occasion, and my story doesn't stop there.

I am, in essence, a lonely nomad with no place or person to love or stake trust in. I have grown wary of all over the years from encounters with those such as teh Redbrand, who forced me to watch them do unspeakable things (or at least that's what someone who follows morals would call it), then threw me out with nothing expecting me to perish and go away. However they were wrong, I have set aside part of my brain just to be angry and vengeful towards the Redbrand, and one day I will have my revenge.

1.5) New Beginning

I continued to wander for many years up until I bumped into some more adventurers, after meeting them together we formed a group of friends to accomplish greater things in the realms.

This is where I am today; adventuring with my group gaining all different kinds of experiences, and bettering my talents. I have found a place to contribute my time and life, and I belive this is what I needed to avoid disappearing into the shadows indefinitely. I follow standards I have set, I base my decisions on logic, and I entirely ignore morality and ethics.

2.1) Clerics Are Chill

One could say that I was lost. I was beginning to lose touch with society, and the rest of the outside world. I was beginning to fade into the shadows, and my only activity was thinking randomly…

However, I soon found something to commit to, something to invest my life and talents into: the path of the Cleric. And so my true journey begins.

I saw an opening, and escape in the Cleric. At first I did not know why—and still I do not have complete understanding—but I believe that it was the calling of the gods. I believe they decided to bestow spectacular wisdom and understanding of life and the natural world unto me as they foresaw greatness and triumph against all relative evils. The realization of where my destiny lay came to me in my sleep, and when I awoke I had a newfound energy. Instead of stumbling about without aim as I had in the past, I felt confidence in my work, and an eagerness to learn about Clerics and what dwarf could do with Clerical knowledge.

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